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Therapy trips Egypt

Therapy trips Egypt

Egypt is rich Country with Natural Therapy in different places and great climates all year, each with unique atmosphere and it is natural resources as right treatment against different diseases,

Siwa Oasis natural Therapy

located in the western desert, 300kms to the west of Marsa Matrouh North coast & 800 Km from Cairo. It is Egypt’s natural healing centers, this is doubtless the most attractive to the tourist, with its moderate climate, unpolluted air and clear blue sky.

There are a number of healing centers in Siwa Oasis, of which the most important is Al-Dakrour Mountain, ( Gebel Dakrour ) 3 km south east of Siwa .Which has been renowned for the healing qualities of its hot sands since ancient times, as well as for being a major source of the red pigment used in Siwaan pottery.

People come from all around Egypt and the world during the summer months to be interred in sand baths which have properties of healing rheumatism. The sand bath lasts approximately 20 minutes and you are buried up to your neck in the hot desert sand; the process is usually repeated for any aching part of the body for 3 to 5 days. The therapy is stunning; it has almost a magical effect, rheumatic and arthritic pains will be greatly dissipated. After the heat of the sand you will need a few hours to recover, it is recommended that you sit in a shady place and drink tea. Many of those who experience the healing properties of Gebel Dakrour’s sand baths return time and time again to heal their pains.

The mountain is famous of relieving rheumatism, joint pains and general weakness. Several aged sheikhs are responsible for treating patients suffering from these ailments by burying their bodies in sand. The cure takes place during the summer at specific times of the day: immersion can last from quarter to half an hour, daily for two weeks.

Siwa also has hot springs which have been proven effective for the treatment of psoriasis, rheumatism and diseases related to the digestive system

Safaga City

located south of Hurghada on the Red Sea and it has become, over the past years, a world-renowned destination for Climatotherapist patients. Here in Safaga the sea water is very salty, containing 35 % more salt than other seas: treatment with this water can produce a big improvement in the circulatory system, thus increasing the flow of blood to the limbs and skin. The water has been shown to provide significant alleviation for sufferers from psoriasis and the high density of ultraviolet rays in the area also helps cure a number of other skin diseases

The enormous efforts made by Menaville Safaga Resort to scientifically explain the phenomena of Climatotherapy at Safaga resulted in unprecedented achievements in that field. Accordingly, Menaville has been fitted with all means of comfort to help patients to enjoy their stay in excellent hospitality conditions.

The solarium area in Menaville is fenced and divided into four isolated sections; two for women, and two for men, to ensure patients’ privacy.

Menaville Resort provides medical follow up for patients that includes sort of case study for the patient to decide the suitable medical course, and to determine the duration and timing of using Black Sand or Sun Bathes .

Why Climatotherapist in Safaga? Although, there are other places around the world that provide Climatic Therapy, yet scientific researches on Safaga area approved that many natural factors in Safaga make it the most appropriate area of therapy for Psoriasis and Rheumatism diseases.

The Researches of the National Research Center (NRC) in Egypt, on the geographical nature and Seawater in Safaga area displayed the following:

The high mountains surrounding Safaga City act as a natural defense against wind and sandstorms. This feature on one hand makes the climate is pure from any suspended stains that divert and absorb the Ultra Violet Rays, which is the basic element in Psoriasis therapy, and on the other hand, the fresh air helps to heighten the immunity system.

The beach in this area takes the shape of a bay; so there is no high waves and the quiet water surface reflects the Ultra Violet Rays to the land

Due to the excessive existence of corals, the saltiness of Water is 30% higher than other seas, and this leads to:

A ) Increase in water density and decrease in gravity , so bodies float easily on the water surface and the blood circulation improves . Hence more amount of blood reaches the skin, which helps in curing skin diseases.

B ) Balance in saline concentration inside and outside the human body that affects the therapy positively.

The analysis of the black sand in Safaga showed that the sand contains three radioactive elements: Uranium, Thorium and Potassium, and they exist in sensible rate. There are other elements such as Salts and Minerals especially Gold Salt, which is mostly effective in Rheumatoid therapy. Also, it is known that black sand is useful in curing acute and chronic Arthritis, Joint Edema, Joint Effusion and skin inflammation.

Comparing to the other sites that provide Climatotherapist, Safaga has remarkable advantages like:

The permanent sunshine throughout the year, is a main factor of Climatotherapist.

On the contrary, there is no sunshine during autumn and winter at those areas.

Sea level location; which means safe climate for most patients. While other Climatotherapist sites located under sea-level, and this affects the patients suffering from heart, liver, and kidney diseases, Tuberculosis, Hemorrhoid, Arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, Epilepsy, and Nerve-diseases negatively.

Rarity of Bromine; contrary to the Red Sea water, the other seawaters contain high concentration of Bromine, which causes allergy presented by redness and itching, that may lead to severe skin suppuration.