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Our History

Our History

At the End of October 2000 From a small hotel office in down town Cairo start the idea of building up a website for selling tours to backpackers students and budget travelers, 3 young active fresh graduate from different universities Samuel, Shady and Ash were working during the past few years in Cairo hostels and hotels gain an experience of arranging trips accommodation Nile Cruise to young budget travelers , Them dream is to build up a great name for them tiny small company that’s were just build by creating an extra ordinary package holidays , chosen the best hotels to accommodate them quests , hiring up the best knowledge tour guide and Egyptologist , Ahmed Yasser a fresh graduate Egyptologist tour guide join the team a few weeks later Stuart an English Designer Join the team,


2001 –

Garden City House: we got our 1st Contract to do the Adverting and Marketing for Small hotel in Cairo, and were our first hotel Management in Cairo

Los Amigos Budget Tours: our first company set up served the backpackers and student travelers offering budget holidays and tour packages in Egypt that’s suit the Need of travelers on budget that’s gain a great name in the field of budget holidays maker, the name were our Motto as young operator arranging tours to young travelers and the travelers who been on our tours in Egypt from around the world became more Los Amigos then just a guest

Hostel World: we were the First agent in Egypt for hostel world, and been proud that’s we had successful bookings with Hostel World Ireland

New Garden Palace: after the successful in mange the marketing for our first hotel in Cairo, we gain other contract with Garden Place running the Marking and Booking for the Hotel


2002 –

Shades Of Egypt Tours: after the successful year we had from selling our budget package holidays we think to move forward to better value holidays in Egypt, as our young traveler seen our travel service in Egypt they Recommend us to them Families and Relative that’s request a different style of Accommodation and tours package so we made shades of Egypt for the middle age travelers that’s enjoy more Nile Cruise and staying in a better level of accommodation that’s match them taste

El Tabia Hotel Hurghada: after been successful in managing the hotel bookings in Cairo Hotels, we gain a new contract with el Tabia hotel to Marketing and Advertising the Hotel Beside the Hotel Bookings


2003 –

Cartouche Travel: Luxury vacations and holidays were been provide by cartouche travel from the top 5 stars Nile Cruises and hotels and private transportation were served to many travelers were requesting them holidays in Egypt to be at the Luxury accommodations, beside that’s Cartouche travel Operate and served many Egyptologist worldwide in arranging the holiday in Egypt its became more Egyptologists Group Specialists

Pack2Egypt Travel: start as an idea for offering short trips and day tours to budget travelers planning them holidays in Egypt

Hostel Bookers: we became agent for hostel bookers UK for our Hotels in Cairo and Hurghada


2004 –

One World Tours: with the growing up and the successful we made over the last few years we have made OWT to hold and Manage all kinds of Booking and registered in United Kingdom as our first International Company abroad, As plenty of Booking come up from The British Market and became very Popular in United Kingdom we had the honor of organizing the Trip for The United kingdom Ambassador family in Egypt, as well serving many other diplomat from other embassies around the world as we take care of every small details to make the holiday in Egypt a lifetime journey that’s unforgettable experience visiting the land of the pharaohs, at the same year we had the opportunity to arrange the Accommodation Transportation and Safaris for the First TV Show for the Irish TV ( Hector San Afraic )


2005 –

Goba Tours With all the Successful year of Tourism we had to move to a bigger Office in Cairo, and hire more employee to arrange the Booking so we moved to our new Office in Goba Down Town licensed by the Egyptian Travel Agency 546 and Member of ETAA since 1983

Bukima Adventure Travel : at the summer of 2005 we start Co-operation With Bukima Travel UK , the company used to arrange overland Trips in Africa and middle East , as some of them crew were old Friends of us , we had successful tours package together under Bukima Gold serve more Australian and new Zealand Quests .


2006 –

With the Increasing of The numbers of quest day after day we think to have our Own Transportation, so we bought our Tourist Vans 2 Toyota Hiace 14 Seats ,1 Hyundai H 1 to serve our quests in Cairo and Aswan

Travel EG come live as a result of the years experience to be the operation management for Holidays and Tours coming from different tour Operators worldwide , start of handling the Transportation and Hotels booking for our guests , at the same time to be the local operator that’s handle and arrange the holidays package for international travelers

Solar Eclipse: we handle The Solar Eclipse 2006 tours in Marsa Matrouh for scientist groups and other travelers were interesting in seen the solar eclipse .

lal Turizm Turkey : start in the Turkish Market with co-operation with the Turkish agency


2007 -

Egyptian Hostel: since the start of our carrier in the tourism hotels management were our first knowledge and we had the idea of having a full information’s of hotels and budget accommodation all in one place , that’s how it come the idea of Egyptian hostel one place for hotel bookings and information

World Travel Market: we had the delight to join the World Travel Market and had the opportunity to be in London and been introduced to new travel companies

Flight Biz Australia: more co-operations in The Australian Market come with our contact in Australia


2008 -

Delta Air Crew: by the year 2008 Delta Air start them own Direct Flights to Egypt, Travel EG had arrange a family trip for some US family and after the tour finish we have received much reccommdation by this family it turn up that the father is from Delta air Carbine crew and base on his words we arrange the day trips to lots of Delta Air crew who made them stopover in Cairo

European Union Parliament: we had the Honor to arrange the desert safari Expedition from Siwa Oasis to Luxor for The Czech parliament Members in April


2009 Travel Asia Magazine: with the increase of the Asia guests join our tours and enjoy our travel service in Egypt some article were made by our Asian guests recommend us and our service at the Travel Asia Magazine


2010 Bike Tour UK: biking is a great kind of adventure and we had the honor to arranging our first Bike Tour in Egypt between Aswan and Luxor with co-operation with Bike Tour UK


2011 spiritual trips: we had several spirituals guests over the year of our work in the travel industrial mostly were individual travelers, and we had the honor of arranging our first spiritual tours who lead by Uk Spiritual Specialist, it’s a completely different experience for us


2012: Belly Dancing Tour: Belly dancing is an oriental Dance that’s very interesting kind of dancing style from other kind of dancing and many Europeans lately get notice and have the desire to learn more about the belly Dancing, and we had the Honor of arranging our first Belly dancing trip with co-operation with a Belly dancing Teacher, beside shopping for belly dancing costume can be real adventure in khan el khalili bazaar or watching your private tailor making up your belly dancing costume


2014: Dolphin Trips: a new experience we learned along our travel work, that’s Dolphins can heal humans as our Dutch operator saying, and we had the delight to arranging our first dolphin trip in Marsa alam by boat at summer 2014, by spending 6 days in boat and waiting to see the dolphins when they show up and taking the chance to swim with the dolphins and enjoying the real nature way of healing.


2015: Real Estate in Egypt, with the increase of the devolving industrial we start a new department specialist for rental homes apartment and villas in Luxor and Hurghada and Cairo to provide our clients with the best location and facilities for them stay in Egypt

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