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Watching Dolphin Trips in Egypt

Watching Dolphin Trips in Egypt

Dolphins are permanent residents by the shores of Egypt, especially in Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam and they are considered a common sight in these places.

Dolphins are social animals, loved by people and bringing joy to everyone’s day, just by looking at them.

Egypt is one of the most significant places where you can experience dolphins showering you with joy.

Find them by diving, snorkeling and under boats all around the shores of the Red Sea.

 Dolphins in Sharm Elsheikh 

dolphinarium located in in Sharm el Sheikh .

“Dolphina is the only dolphinarium in South Sinai. Situated in Sharm el Sheikh. This is a unique experience you will not want to miss!! Dolphins are very intelligent and our dolphins are cared for by our trained professionals and love to interact and entertain people with the tricks that they have learned,” Dolphin’s website states. “We now have a new home with a brand new theatre and state of the art facilities for you to watch our dolphin’s performing for you. There are many experiences on offer at Dolphina to ensure your visit is as memorable and unique as you would like. You can watch our dolphin show, swim with our dolphins, dance with them, even dive with them all while enjoying their playful nature. With all these experiences we capture them on photo or video so you can take your unique memories home with you!”

Dolphins in Hurghada 

Dolphins House in Hurghada is a place where dolphins in large numbers are joyously swimming in their natural environment. You can have a complete day swimming with the dolphins, welcomed by these magnificent creatures.

Trips to the dolphin house are available as a one day trip offered

Dolphins in Marsa Alam 

Samadi Reef in Marsa Alam

Samadi Reef is a beautiful and rare spot on the Red Sea coast, 14 kilometers from Marsa Alam and four kilometers from the sea. It has an inverted “U” shape and more than 5,000 dolphins swimming in groups of five to 200. The dolphins like to sleep during the daytime among Samadi’s reefs, and they swim and are active at night, grabbing attention as they rotate seven times in the air before diving again into the water.

The city of Marsa Alam now contains 32 diving centers and five marine activities centers and is considered one of the most important diving spots in the world.