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Bird Watching in Egypt

Bird Watching in Egypt

Egypt is a birder's paradise! While world renown for its antiquities, the country's natural heritage is as rich as her cultural heritage.

Egypt located at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, is blessed with a wide range of habitats each with its own unique bird life. The country is located on major migration routes. Millions of birds pass through every autumn and spring. Many species over winter, Egyptian wetlands are internationally important wintering sites for water birds

No trip to Egypt is imaginable without seeing its world famous antiquities. Fortunately, birding can be combined with sightseeing as most of Egypt's cultural heritage sites are excellent locations for seeing birds. In Egypt you can bird in the past. The Ancient Egyptians were superb natural historians and vividly documented the flora and fauna of their time on the walls of tombs and temples. Over 76 different species of birds, can be identified from the wall paintings, relief and other artifacts

For eco tourists there is the world famous coral reefs, spectacular desert wilderness and diverse wildlife from tiny geckos to sleek gazelles. Also, the country's proximity to Europe, warm climate, extensive tourism infrastructure, affordable prices and friendly people make it an ideal holiday destination!